Origin Story

Long ago, the founder of Earth Ninja, Josie Harvey, grew up on a biodynamic farm in the South of Australia. Later in life, while commuting through bustling cities, she found herself often needing cutlery whilst out each daily adventure. It broke her heart to use single use disposable cutlery, even if it was compostable sometimes… she thought about the amount of effort and energy going into making and ‘getting rid of’ that one spoon (if it was properly disposed of) compared to the Ninja just washing a utensil they owned.
The little Ninja always carried a pack on their daily adventures around the city, and decided to start bringing cutlery from their kitchen at home with them.
This got the point of many stray spoons and forks beating around the bottom of the Ninja’s pack, adding an extra kilo-ish at times to its weight. Earth Ninja would also like to make an apology here for the workplaces they borrowed cutlery and forgot to return!
There was a far better solution.
First, the raw materials were sourced. Quality steel and canvas, with no need for harmful chemicals, produced in an ethical work environment.
Then, the collapsible design of each tool was perfected, allowing for a stealthy getaway; the signature of the Ninja.
Finally, the symbol of the Earth Ninja was inscribed onto every piece, signifying One who knows the Ninja Code.
One that would benefit a zero-waste circular economy in their everyday practice. One that would leave no trace.
Josie Harvey is currently based in Sydney and has studied and worked across many areas, including engineering, photography, and design. Earth Ninja was developed during her experience design studies, whilst going to music festivals, learning martial arts, rock climbing and more.
An intrepid adventurer, excited problem solver, and humble Sensei.