Top 5 things I packed on the Indo Surf Trip

On the journey of Sensei Josie, the original Earth Ninja, surfing through Indonesia, she kept a secret journal documenting her travels. Upon returning home Josie was reflecting on her travels and shared some of her (kind of) ancient wisdom...

The best things I took that were first and foremost SUPER handy, and that also saved a lot of waste ::

copper drink bottle

1. My Cheeki 1.6L drink bottle

This guy came with everywhere! I have quite close relationships with my drink bottles as they see me through the best and the worst times ☯️ shoutout to The National Project by Pony Rider (one of our stockists!) for all the awesome work they do and the sticker 🙌 

Admittedly there wasn’t always a water filter available and I did have to fill my bottle from plastic bottles of water 😔 the plastic situation in Indo is confronting to say the least


 tin of zinc + man putting zinc on his face

2. Reef safe zinc in a reusable tin ♻️

Srsly think anyone with fair skin should get onto this stuff! I’ve only discovered it since surfing and love Surf Mud as it fully stops me getting burnt, even after hours in the ocean and full sun! And also it matches my skin tone 🙏 Sean (pictured above) has olive skin and suits the Sunbutter tinted zinc.


 Clothes soap bar sitting on stone sink

3. Clothes soap bar - surprisingly!

When Sean packed this I though it would be annoying to carry, but it actually saved a lot of hassle as we were in some places we couldn’t get washing done, didn’t have many shops, or the laundry place had a reputation for losing items of clothing. It saved many plastic bags of little laundry a detergent sachets. Although we did need one plastic bag to store it in so it didn’t leak through our bags in transit. Also - it gave less trips to shop/laundromat and more time at the beach!!

I wish I remembered the brand of this bar, but Sean bought it from a market somewhere on the east coast of Australia.



Delicious bowl of granola and fresh fruits at the beach with Earth Ninja cutlery

4. Our travel cutlery 😘

After using my set for a few years now, I appreciated this cutlery even more as it saved the day in so many situations!! It was eating between surf on whole days on the beach, on ferries, on planes, picnics, making tea... super lightweight, compact, and was such a winner.



tin of thick creamy skin cream + in blender being made

5. Homemade skin cream ⚕️

I started making this cream when I got eczema from living in a mouldy studio a few years ago 😂 The tubes of eczema cream at the shop were so small and I needed to be lathered daily to stop the itchiness. So I started making my own and then accidentally found that it is AWESOME to have on adventures as we tried it on cuts, rashes, sunburn, dry skin, any literally anything that was skin out of balance. I researched the ingredients more and realised it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, helps with healing cuts, scarring, is calming, and of course moisturising - with a bunch of other healing properties. Now I add magnesium for muscle recovery too! Comment below or send me a message if you're keen to get the recipe 😊


If you haven't already got our cutlery set and straw just head to our store page or find your closest stockist, and start making your adventures smooth with the right tools!